19 de Agosto 2021

Taking Another look

Double-checking has always been a good idea. It’s one of those things that can prevent mishaps, misunderstandings, mistakes and unnecessary maneuvers. This is something we learn in primary school. We can remember our teachers saying, “Remember, before you hand in your paper, you should double check your work.” Of course, we did this and yet most of us were probably surprised at all the errors the teacher would later find. This is when we learn that our eyes can skip over mistakes either in our rush or in our loss of the critical eye. A double-check is often more effective if we have someone proofread our work.

Yesterday, I had another antigen test and double-checking was part and parcel of the routine. The attendant read aloud my name, date of birth and passport number. Check and double-check. This is routinely done in the medical world and I am told that it is routine in the cockpit before a flight. Double-checks are good.

In this regard, I propose that it is also a good thing to double-check your insurance rates, cell-phone applications, medications, etc. In this world of auto-pays, we often lose the critical eye for our expenses. An auto insurance company is not going to tell you that you can save money by cancelling and re-applying for the same coverage and, in most cases, to save money. Double-checking coverage rates with other companies can offer is an eye-opener.

As for cell phone applications, I am always amazed at how many I have. Some are free and some are automatic pay-per-month. The amounts are usually small so I don’t notice, but again, double-checking can erase some the apps that no longer are needed and double-checking fees before a download is always a prudent thing to do. Double-checking in your mind the real need of the app is also important. This is how I come to accumulate so many apps. I find them interesting or maybe even necessary at the moment, but a week or so later, I’m off to something else. I might be the only person with this issue as people often say to me, “Wow, you have so many apps!” One person even offered to combine them into folders.

I also mentioned medications as needing a double-check from time to time. Use of the same pharmaceuticals year after year can often lead to infectivity or the original need for the drug is no longer needed or a more effective drug is now available. I’m not saying to change doctors, but to regularly ask for a reassessment or a recalibration. Any double-checks should always be done with a medical professional.

So just as we should double-check traffic before pulling out to the street, we should double-check our daily habits, our routines, our email signatures, our passwords and whatever else is important but remains off our radar. I am aware of double-checking every time I am ready to publish a blog. I reread, but even after publishing I return to the text and find mistakes! Maybe I should be double-checking that which has been double-checked! By the way, you may now start double-checking this.

Published by Thomas

Retired from active priestly ministry in the Catholic Church; former Benedictine monk; francophile; Holocaust researcher; Delta One Million Miler; Ex-Patriated American to the Republic of Panama

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