The Pintao Hat of Panama – The Story of a Dying Cultural Heritage

Originally posted on Heritagepedia:
You’ve undoubtedly seen the Panama hat even if you don’t know what it is. They’re white hats that look like the Mexican fedora worn by gangsters, and are most commonly seen on cigar smoking, pencil-mustachioed men dressed in white silk suits with gold?pocket chains and satin handkerchiefs.? You get the picture.…

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Left: Wallace ‘Wally’ Cleaver – Anthony ‘Tony’ Dow; Top right: Mark Twain – Samuel Clements; Bottom right: Lazarus Dead and then dead again News about someone’s death, unbelievably, can be pretty mysterious. ‘Breaking’ news indicated that Tony died in Los Angeles, and the story was pulled until Tony actually and truly passed away (RIP). Lazarus,Continue reading “Wednesday, 3 August 2022”